Spotlight: VRIL

Why Hello There Human Reader. 

I would like to present to you or nay, challenge you of any notion that you may be a robot et al Ex Machina that graces us with their consumer culturalistic disease within this noisy trap called 'reality'.
We are legion. We are fifth dimensional weather patterns with consciousness and a desire to gift you with sonic vibrations. This the year of the Fool; The days lost in the desert called Time, we give you Vril.

# ONE: With the culling of the masses by the elite and the big lie of overpopulation of what becomes important to those addicted to media, how do you find quiet moments between the screaming three dimensions of limited reality? We find looking out windows to gray skies and listening to 'Vorteks' relieves pithy human stress.
VRIL: Music is purge. Positive thinking is purge. Good people too.

# TWO It is no small feat any random human being can conceptualize the thoughts on the epic scale of outer space and deep time while translating that into one of the most unique listening experiences on our pale blue dot. Your sonic appearance seems to emerging more and more, and giving us these epic multiverse vibrations, if you were a sentient satellite where would you explore in the vast unending blackness?

VRIL: We only see and hear a smalI range of frequencies that are existing. I would try to explore the unseen, the unheard. Or better not?

Torus XLIV:

# THREE The soundtrack of our science fictional lives seems to be technical nonsense; and it makes one acutely aware that we are just a small virus of humanity on a rock floating billions of lightyears away from anything resembling, hope, as it were; that will ultimately be ignored by the massive stars that provide us the possibility of life itself. What gives you hope, oh alien being Vril?
VRIL: A TR909 should help.
# FOUR On 'Torus XLIV' you give us fragility. What makes you calm in the chaos? For us, we like to buy pink roses and then watch them wither and die after placing them in the darkest, driest corner of the room. Then, when we squeeze them, to feel them shiver, begging for any touch, their thorns have gone soft. We feel it is the only satire left, pretending we have ownership of life, ownership over others.
VRIL: I am the chaos so it is easy to stay calm maybe. Do i stay calm? Haha.


12.03. MINEHEAD / UK - BLOC 2016
18.03. PARIS / France - Gibus Club
20.03. TOKYO / Japan - UNIT
24.03. BRISBANE / Australia - Warehouse
25.03. MELBOURNE / Australia - Inner Varnika 2016
26.03. SYDNEY / Australia - tba
01.04. LAUSANNE / Switzerland - D! Club - Lausanne
02.04. HELSINKI / Finnland - Kaiku
08.04. EDINBURGH - Scotland / The Mash House
09.04. KÖLN / Germany - Gewölbe
15.04. ANTWERPEN - Belgium / Awakenings Antwerp Day One
22.04. NANTES - France / LC Club
23.04. BUDAPEST - Hungaria / HYPERSPACE
30.04. GENOVA - Italia / 105 Stadium Genova
05.05. LYON - France / Le Sucre
06.05. LONDON - UK / Oval Space
07.05. HANNOVER - Germany / tba
14.05. HAMBURG - Germany / PAL
15.05. DORTMUND - Germany / PollerWiesen Festival 2016
20.05. BORDEAUX - France / IBOAT
21.05. BARCELONA - Spain / Razzmatazz
25.05. TIFLIS - Georgia / tbc
27.05. RÜGEN - Germany / HER DAMIT - Festival 2016
28.05. GLASGOW - Scotland / Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival 2016
04.06. PARIS - France / Weather Festival

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