James Murphy, you're breaking my heart

I was there.

I was there.

But I'm losing my edge.

The kids are coming up from behind.

I'm losing my edge to the kids who never went to Madison Square Garden to dance to James Murphy one last time.

I was there.

But today?

Today... well,

my headphones broke, because it's one of those days.

I plugged it in and the right earbud is dead. Instead I just get to listen to the hollow tin sound of LCD Soundsystem's debut album in my left ear.

It's raining in LA. It never rains here.

That's what kind of year it's starting out to be.

The memory of buying the self titled album at a now closed record store on Colfax in freezing temps. I took the double CDs and drove around Cheesman Park in Denver that January and it changed my life each speaker breaking beat and sly vocal one off. All that warmth and post disco chic to cheer a dreary winter up. They changed music out of the gate. Not too shabby for the uncool-cool of LCD that is engrained in its DNA as a band.

But now, being kicked when I'm down after declaring that James Murphy would never enable his fans to an almost ironic degree that Losing My Edge soaked in gasoline and lit for all the desperate demagogues of the dance floor flocked to in 2005.  Exactly eleven years ago this week.

And how I wrote about this about Trent Reznor (read: Oscar Winner) back in 2013 

And so lazy I just copy and pasted it on LCD's website because I can't muster a response more than being sad right now.

I don't think those that make music at that level, for this oversensitive armchair generation realize, the reaction from most fans will be -- hurt.

Or you know, you could just not use the words: FINAL, FAREWELL, LAST or GOODBYE FOREVER in any of your tour material. That seems pretty easy enough to avoid all of this.

If you really, really feel like it is final, forever. Maybe just use the phrase indefinite hiatus and give it a year to cool off. And maybe don't plan a big show around you feelings about your final, forever band that will never play together again. Maybe give that a few months to get out of the 'industry' cycle your head is in. Once you are out of it, and then open a wine bar and remember all the good times you've had with Al and Nancy, then you won't feel like you just helped scam tens of thousands of people out of money for a farewell show that means absolute nothing to anyone now.

It was just another concert.

And we were all there.

I was there.

James Murphy was there.

And he's never been wrong.

but now,

I've got to go find some working headphones

to keep up with all the cool kids going to Coachella this April

to keep up with the capitalists that will always scream back down the throat of sensitive keyboard warriors who have feelings and fandom for cool and the uncool, whatever the price StubHub places on it

whatever the airline tickets may be

whatever the hip kids tell me what's up next on Pitchfork

whatever social circle posts the most positive in your face bullshit to keep it all going

because I know what you really want


I'm losing my edge to sitting to death in an office chair complaining about nothing really at all

but you're still breaking my heart.

It's still raining outside. I think I'll go get wet.

I'm already cold inside.

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