RIP Music Journalism

I would say good riddance to Pitchfork but they've declined for over a decade. I remember the exact moment vividly when they posted their first Beyonce news bit, then stumbled into reviewing Nicky Minaj and Taylor Swift albums. People actually still take Ryan Schreiber seriously. He kicked out his most interesting writers by 2003 and has done everything to become the next Rolling Stone. Well he succeeded, while simultaneously bringing down the freelance/blogger world around him. Good writers were snapped up by Vox, Conde Nast and Vice. God knows they came for me a couple times. All those who faired well altered their voices to become part of the substandard noise that is music and professional criticism today. From Stereogum (former Pitchfork writers), Consequence of Sound, Gorilla vs. Bear, Pigeons and Planes.. all have been monetized.

The simple argument is none of you should be talking about artists who do not need your press -- you all need their press to be frank. This clickbait phase disappointments me. All of you disappoint me. There are thousands of articles about any given celebrity pop artist, your job, if you can even remember, is to report and bring to light, with the true passion of music, something new, something fresh, something real. You should be better than Jack White divorce gossip, Azealia Banks shaming and Taylor Swift click baiting.

There is no music journalism left today. There is no one left at any of the fore mentioned glorified rags concerning themselves with the pursuit of music discovery and discussion.. You know, what a music website should be about. When you make it about money, which you've all done, then you are no longer trusted to give qualified reviews or substance in real music news.

I started freelance in 1998 and began the nation ocean fifteen years ago. You're telling me I'm the only one left that wants to share and discuss independent music anymore? I miss Hipster Runoff, at least he had a sense of humor about it. We're missing so much this year, and talking about a handful of artists ONLY through gossip for clicks. That's heartbreaking for people who used to talk about Mia Doi Todd, Alaska! and Broken Social Scene with conviction.. Now we are stuck in an era of twenty Kanye West and Trump posts a day.

Things aren't going to change. They are just going to get worse.

So I won't hold my breath between Miley Cyrus tongue wagging sponsored content.

With No Regrets,
~Nation Ocean

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