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Ten years ago this very week I shared a quick email correspondence with James Stewart. I found it while searching for another email in my inbox, so I thought I'd share it as I've never published it before. It's nothing special really, just fond memories of when I was still in college and starting to reach out to those that inspire me. Since then, I've maintained friendly exchanges with him and he's nothing but humble music genius in my book.  Today is a good day to enjoy his discography again.

How has touring been so far? You seem to have been touring extensively in support of your new album. Any weird experiences this year?
we went to a mormon fort in utah. they were interesting to me.

Also how was your experience of the Intonation Festival in Chicago?
they were very nice. we thought it would suck as most big festivals do but they did a great job.

How do you visualize Xiu Xiu's music. I feel like some of your songs like 'Clowne Towne' and 'Suha' would make awesome stylized videos. Do you see Xiu Xiu going more into a visual aspect with your new music?
i like movies but i only have one working eye. the other one i lost in an accident. but both of my ears work.
I never knew that! Wow.  Well, I'm sure everyone is asking you about your new album La ForĂȘt, to me it sounds like you have a lot to say on this album as it bursts out with so much raw emotion. An album with no filler. I fell instantly for it.
thank you! we never want to use filler!

and of course, what are your plans after your tour?
europe then the south of the USA then australia then a new record to be called boy soprano.
Wonderful! Stay sweet!

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